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Manufacturer's Rep Software

The Manufacturer’s Representative (Man Rep) solution gives Infor™ ERP FACTS users the ability to track bids, quotes, jobs, contacts, processes, and commissions directly in their Infor system. Combined with the Document Archive Management module, it can eliminate complex, manual job files and replace them with organized electronic job files. 

These electronic job files contain correspondences and documents pertaining to a particular job and integrate directly into your Infor system for quick, accurate processing and reporting. With Man Rep’s easy-to-use, built in tools you can create custom reports, track bids, manage jobs, calculate commissions and streamline the entire sales cycle.

Bids and Proposals

Bidding and quoting a job has never been easier with an intuitive quoting system that delivers a consistent and professional document every time. Bids management tools can list bids by multiple criteria and produce bid performance analysis for important sales meetings. Your sales reps will have everything that they need to create multiple quotes for multiple customers for the same opportunity and the proposals are portable to other branch offices. If you have parts from your warehouse, they can be incorporated into the quotes with real time availability along with up sell suggestions and companion item capabilities. With the ability to track quotes, bids and stages of the sales cycle, sales reps and sales managers have full view of the open or pending opportunities. Man Rep offers a wide array of useful sales tools such as tracking win/loss statistics and creating pipeline reports instantly.

Job Management

With the power of complete visibility into a job, the Job Management program is able to import information from the bid and the quote to the job, create transmittals, initiate multiple PO’s for multiple vendors, and view the costs both estimated and actual. With the ability to create numerous commission splits by the line level and import all related documents scanned, electronic or emailed, you make an all-in-one information nucleus for straightforward tracking of job profitability. Job organization is enhanced with the ability to schedule critical equipment requirement dates that trigger reminders and the reporting of vital job statistics.


Ensuring that commissions are calculated correctly and paid promptly can boost a salesperson’s motivation and compensation, thereby driving more sales for the company. Moreover, timely commission payments can help your company’s cash flow.
Man Rep provides a robust and flexible commission formula that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs and policies. The commission reconciliation creates transactions based on company parameters and automatically generates commission statements based on predetermined rules and formulas. Complete security is provided at the field level to ensure confidentiality and to allow additions and exceptions when needed.


 2017 AHR

Project Job Management Software

Win more bids with a more efficient and informed quoting process with Project Job Management’s easy-to-use and intuitive project manager for multiple bids, bidding calendar, online document manager, and tight integration with Infor Distribution SX.e.

Manage multiple bids

Managing numerous bids within a project—which may include several deadlines, different locations, many documents, and even multiple bidders—is a very complex process, especially when you factor in the inevitable revisions that take place before you even win a bid. To keep track of all these changing variables, you need a solution that’s designed specifically for distributors who manage multiple bids for professional trades and gives you the information you need when you need it to ensure that you meet every bidding deadline.

With Project Job Management, you get a set of easy-to-use and intuitive bidding tools, such as a project manager for multiple bids, a bidding calendar that integrates with Microsoft Outlook®, and an online document manager. And because Project Job Manager tightly integrates with Infor® Distribution SX.e, your data can be automatically shared with and seamlessly used by your ERP system. As a result, you’ll be able to increase the efficiency of your quoting process and gain real-time access to your bidding information, so you can win more jobs.

Keep track of everything

With Project Job Management, you can keep track of multiple quotes and bidders for a project, and even manage all of your projects and quotes (including revisions and change orders) on a single screen. You can manage multiple quotes and multiple customers by project, as well as things like bid times, bid dates, project types, project statuses, and even budgets. Access to so much data all at once can seem overwhelming, so this information can be more quickly comprehended by viewing it as graphical KPIs.

You can integrate a project’s bid list with Microsoft Outlook’s calendar, so that you can easily see key information, such as who the bidders are and when each bid is due. To narrow the focus of what’s displayed, you can filter on things like only your projects, projects only at your branch, or just projects that are bidding in the next seven days. This integration with Outlook also allows you to create events and set follow-up reminders to help ensure that each person who is responsible for a portion of the bid is getting their part done at the right time.

With multiple people working on different parts on a project, the amount of associated documents can pile up fast. All the information for a project, including things like emails, vendor quotes, spec sheets, CAD drawings, and scanned-in documents can be stored in a centralized, online document manager that’s easilyaccessible by anyone you designate across your company, regardless of which branch or office they’re in.

Bid more efficiently

When you’re bidding a job, it may be similar to one you’ve previously bid. Or, perhaps, the second phase of a multi-phase job may look almost like the first phase. With Project Job Management, you can easily import existing quotes over into new quotes, instead of having to create each new quote from scratch. You can also easily pull in groups of pre-determined items if you regularly build particular types of quotes. Once you’ve added the existing information, you can then make the necessary adjustments for the new quotes, such as updating the bidders, costing, and quantities.

Project Job Management also gives you flexible, word processor-type functionality, so you can easily copy/cut and paste images and text and adjust formatting (such as bold and underline, and font type, size, and color). You can send out bids so that they’re automatically delivered via the means that each recipient prefers—whether it’s printed or emailed. Recipients’ and senders’ names and other information can be automatically personalized, so that you don’t have to rewrite a quote for each person on a bid list.

Project Job Management includes robust functionality to help make your bid process more efficient, detailed, and informed. Some additional features allow you to include:

  • Stock, non-stock, and special lines
  • Groupings of products, but still be able to price products individually
  • Multiple categories

Additionally, you can:

  • Move lines up and down within a quote.
  • Source lines to direct and non-direct purchase orders and warehouse transfers in Infor Distribution Sx.e.
  • Override cost and price on line items to accommodate negotiations with vendors and customers.
  • Choose whether to print line items and/or prices on quotes.
  • Release quotes to Infor Distribution SX.e by line item.

Overcome complexity

As a distributor serving the needs of professional trades, you need a solution that can help you overcome the complexity that’s inherent in bidding contractor jobs. With Project Job Management, you get a solution that allows you to easily keep track of every aspect of the bidding process—including changes—no matter how many jobs you’re bidding. You’ll have the information and tools you need to make sure that the right bids with the right information go out to the right people at the right time.

 2017 AHR

Infor ERP Distribution Software

Infor™ ERP SX.enterprise has been designed specially for distribution companies of this nature. Infor ERP SX.enterprise delivers end-to-end inventory management and optimization tools, supply visibility, replenishment, and demand management capabilities and provides automation across core materials management, financials and transactions, and sales operations. 

A Complete Distribution Software System
Combining power, control and convenience, Infor ERP SX.e is a robust distribution management solution specifically designed to help distributors of all types run an efficient, end-to-end operation. From accounting and sales to the warehouse and everywhere in between, SX.enterprise allows distributors to enhance customer service, optimize inventory levels, increase productivity and improve profitability.
Advanced Technology that's Easy-to-Use
Advanced in both design and function, yet remarkably easy-to-use, SX.enterprise delivers unprecedented quality and functionality. Your business processes are automated through an intuitive, easy-to-use, graphical interface. Revolutionizing information management, SX.enterprise boasts a full-featured client/server system and flexible, event-driven operations, running on the latest Windows®-based connectivity standards.
Accomplish More with Less
With customizable search capabilities and quick navigation buttons, SX.enterprise allows users to accomplish tasks more quickly and more accurately than with other software packages. Robust functionality and innovative features provide new levels of efficiency, accuracy and convenience, allowing distributors to maximize resources throughout their business.
Optimize Quality & Customer Service
SX.enterprise boasts a wide variety of features and functions throughout various modules that allow users to enhance their service levels. Features such as Management Alerts and Notes Manager improve communication and promote the centralized sharing and monitoring of key information in a timely manner.
Speed and Accuracy through Data Integration
Designed to maximize speed and accuracy, SX.enterprise can access and integrate data across an entire operation, thereby eliminating many redundant, manual processes and streamlining business functions.
Easy-to-Learn. Easy-to-Use.
With a graphical and intuitive user interface, SX.enterprise is remarkably easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. Employees can become proficient users quickly, thereby minimizing training periods and maximizing productivity.

Supply Chain Management

Advanced Ordering Controls allow users to take advantage of complex ordering formulas while taking into consideration overriding factors such as average sale quantity. Managed either automatically or manually, products can be classified by rank, sales, usage, dollars and volume and monitored through a variety of detailed reporting.
Buyer's Control Center allows users to make more informed, more efficient purchasing decisions with all the relevant information in one location right at their fingertips. Color coding highlights key information to ensure proactive purchasing decisions are made and exceptions are prioritized.
Integrated Bar Code is an entry-level solution to warehouse productivity that provides user-defined bar code label printing and radio frequency (RF) assisted receiving, shipping and physical / cycle count. This intermediate step of automatic data collection in the warehouse requires minimum investment in implementation and training.
Inventory Control provides everything you need to handle the most complex inventory challenges. From establishing reorder points to printing physical count sheets and everything in between, Inventory Control will help you establish the best possible inventory management techniques.
Kit Production provides an innovative and automated way to package and market products to help solve kit production challenges. From build-on-demand kits to pre-built kits, this module allows users to manage the kit production process more effectively and more efficiently.
Purchase Order manages the purchases of both stock and nonstock orders recommended by the inventory control and sales order programs. To ensure that purchase order prices are correct, vendor-item costs and vendor cost contracts are maintained. Backorder fulfillment is fully automated, while price and quantity discrepancies are reported.
Service Warranty manages the entire cycle of activities involved with maintenance service and repair of customer products that require either billable or warranty work. From parts and labor to vendor claims and customer billing, Service Warranty is a valuable tool for streamlining service and repair functions.
Warehouse Management improves warehouse productivity and accuracy by addressing workflow including product movement, receiving, shipping, picking, counting and inventory adjustments. An integrated solution, these warehouse tasks are managed in real-time through radio frequency (RF) data collection devices.
Value Add manages the processes performed by distributors with an emphasis on the handling of inventory and costs associated with the fabrication of a finished product. These kinds of transactions include packaging, customer required additions, product refinement or finishing per specifications.
Vendor Managed Inventory is a valuable tool with vendor managed inventory. This module provides seamless and automated communication to expedite processes and reduce manual intervention in handling off-site, vendor-managed inventory.

Financial Management
Accounts Payable allows users to manage the entire payment process by entering invoices for payables from the Purchase Order system or directly through Accounts Payable. It manages payment terms and discounts, generates checks, and maintains vendor history to provide tight control over your cash position.
Accounts Receivable helps users manage the entire receivables process including payment terms, credit limits, payment history, dunning letters, service charges, disputed invoice designation, invoice history and a wealth of reports that alert you to credit problems early.
General Ledger provides flexible account definition and profit definition as well as direct journal entries, recurring entries, reversing entries, allocations, budgeting, financial statements and interface transactions. You can receive data directly from other components, ensuring consistent and accurate entries.

Enterprise Performance Management
Analytics is a Windows-based business analysis tool, a decision support system, and an enterprise-wide reporting and publishing solution. Users can analyze and measure business data, eliminate unprofitable products, increase efficiency, access valuable information, eliminate costly IT support, and communicate more accurately.
Event Manager allows users to set triggers in advance to ensure that exceptions are caught before they become problems. This powerful performance management tool sends automatic notification of exceptions, events and potential situations that you want to monitor to dramatically improve customer service and keep you a step ahead.
Personalized Dashboards provide managers with expanded access and improved organizational performance. Dashboard Builder provides a wizard-based environment that enables users to quickly develop their own interactive dashboards without writing any code resulting in. Users can access relevant business information more quickly in a self-service, web-based environment.
Sales Tracking helps managers organize and report sales figures and provides the basis for commission and rebate reporting. Based on the invoice process, sales and cost figures are stored by month and year in a variety of formats. Supplier Relationship Management
eBuy Center allows users to replace manual, paper-based procurement processes with automated, electronic processes without the costs associated with connecting to your suppliers via EDI or XML. Save time, effort and resources by seamlessly integrating your procurement process electronically.
eSource Center allows users to connect directly to all their suppliers and significantly enhance their vision into the supply chain. This automated solution can be run on a standalone basis and it also has fully integrated real time interface back to the system.
Supplier Link allows you to access and manipulate a wealth of information. You can manage the flow of supplier data into your system and have confidence that the product and pricing information is current and accurate. eCommerce
eBill Center allows users to automate and improve collection efforts, save time and reduce costs associated with accounts receivables and cash posting activities. With eBill Center, users can deliver invoices and statements electronically and customers can make payments online by credit card or electronic funds transfer.
eCommerce Catalog provides an automated means of effectively and efficiently aggregating, managing and delivering their entire product offering online. From product information and pricing to online queries, eCommerce Catalog provides an easy-to-maintain web portal that will help drive sales and provide enhanced access and convenience to customers.
eCommerce Storefront provides a state-of-the-art web interface, designed to provide a superior shopping experience for both business to business and business to consumer web sites. With a robust catalog, advanced search, order entry, tracking capabilities and account maintenance, eCommerce Storefront provides a superior online shopping experience and convenience for customers.
Infor Mobility gives sales reps access to the tools and information they need to generate sales and enter orders, while providing mobility and flexibility for travel and sales calls. With hand-held mobile client devices, employees can stay more informed and provide faster, more accurate service with remote access to ordering information, pricing, and product availability. Orders can be entered and queued offline or entered and sent in real-time if desired.

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management creates a single repository for capturing and managing all touch-points and interactions with your customers, partners and employees. This robust CRM solution empowers your organization to proactively integrate the numerous functions of contact and activity management, marketing and leads management, scheduling and knowledge base applications, customer care, client services, project management, event management and quotes.
Contact and Activity Manager streamlines and controls general customer interaction, status management and project management functions. You can track and manage information pertinent to your business needs based on a single-system approach to managing contacts and activities. 
Job Management allows users to simplify contract jobs by automating bidding, awarding, billing, maintenance and tracking procedures. From intensive labor bidding to tracking frequent changes, Job Management provides an integrated tool that easily tracks and monitors entire projects.
Point of Sale extends your company's ability to sell goods in a retail environment without relying on two separate systems. Whether your retail environment is a counter in your location or a chain of stores, point of sale enables you to manage, analyzeand integrate your entire sales operation.
Report Manager and Report Scheduler are powerful tools that allow users to create, manage, schedule and store a wide variety of reports. Receive current and accurate reports, when you want them and in the format you need.
Sales Order Management eliminates guesswork and provides users with a comprehensive tool to manage the sales order process. Generate quotes, convert quotes to orders, log future orders and control inventory commitment all with just a few key strokes.

Tools to Enhance Business Performance
SX.enterprise provides users with a variety of tools to quickly assess and enhance both current and past business performance. Comprehensive reporting, intuitive interfaces and integrated business tools allows users to make more informed decisions that will improve cash flow, enhance customer service and maximize resources companywide.

Enhance your Competitive Edge
Stay ahead of your competition by leveraging SX.enterprise's innovative features and leading-edge functionality to propel your business to new levels of quality, productivity and profitability. Secured Information Each user is assigned to a security group with parameters specified and controlled by the administrator. Access privileges are controlled so information and processes are secure.


Infor ERP SX.enterprise architecture provides flexible, scalable and expandable system configuration options and is designed to run on Windows, Linux or Unix solution to run their complex operations