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Manufacturer's Rep Software

The Manufacturer’s Representative (Man Rep) solution gives Infor™ ERP FACTS users the ability to track bids, quotes, jobs, contacts, processes, and commissions directly in their Infor system. Combined with the Document Archive Management module, it can eliminate complex, manual job files and replace them with organized electronic job files. 

These electronic job files contain correspondences and documents pertaining to a particular job and integrate directly into your Infor system for quick, accurate processing and reporting. With Man Rep’s easy-to-use, built in tools you can create custom reports, track bids, manage jobs, calculate commissions and streamline the entire sales cycle.

Bids and Proposals

Bidding and quoting a job has never been easier with an intuitive quoting system that delivers a consistent and professional document every time. Bids management tools can list bids by multiple criteria and produce bid performance analysis for important sales meetings. Your sales reps will have everything that they need to create multiple quotes for multiple customers for the same opportunity and the proposals are portable to other branch offices. If you have parts from your warehouse, they can be incorporated into the quotes with real time availability along with up sell suggestions and companion item capabilities. With the ability to track quotes, bids and stages of the sales cycle, sales reps and sales managers have full view of the open or pending opportunities. Man Rep offers a wide array of useful sales tools such as tracking win/loss statistics and creating pipeline reports instantly.

Job Management

With the power of complete visibility into a job, the Job Management program is able to import information from the bid and the quote to the job, create transmittals, initiate multiple PO’s for multiple vendors, and view the costs both estimated and actual. With the ability to create numerous commission splits by the line level and import all related documents scanned, electronic or emailed, you make an all-in-one information nucleus for straightforward tracking of job profitability. Job organization is enhanced with the ability to schedule critical equipment requirement dates that trigger reminders and the reporting of vital job statistics.


Ensuring that commissions are calculated correctly and paid promptly can boost a salesperson’s motivation and compensation, thereby driving more sales for the company. Moreover, timely commission payments can help your company’s cash flow.
Man Rep provides a robust and flexible commission formula that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs and policies. The commission reconciliation creates transactions based on company parameters and automatically generates commission statements based on predetermined rules and formulas. Complete security is provided at the field level to ensure confidentiality and to allow additions and exceptions when needed.



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